Partnering with Families

Families are critical contributors to students' career development. We know that your student will come to you for advice and guidance so we will be sharing resources, tips and information with you. We encourage you to share this information with your student.

Career Services is here to support your student throughout their time at SUNY Oswego (and beyond). We look forward to partnering with you along the way.

Tips for the College Parent

Here are a couple of articles that will help you support your student!

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Career Planning Checklist

A checklist for you to help your student stay on track

First Year: Welcome Home
  • Familiarize yourself with the Career Services website and connect with us via Facebook, Instagram, TikTokYouTube and LinkedIn to stay up to date with our current events, tools, resources, and services.
  • Inform your student that we offer 1:1 personalized career coaching in the areas of  Business; STEM & Health Care; Communication, Media and the Arts; Education, Public and Human Services; and Major and Career Exploration.
  • Encourage your student to take our online self-assessments which will help them to understand their own unique personality characteristics, strengths, interests, values, and more.
  • Promote your student’s involvement in campus activities, clubs, organizations, and jobs that match their interests. Check-out LakerLife, the hub for students involvement.
  • Assist your student with establishing their online presence and their career preparation skills using our Networking, Personal Branding, and LinkedIn page and the Career Services Resource Center.
  • Be open and willing to discuss ideas your student has regarding their current or potential major and career fields of interest.
  • Encourage your student to connect with an alumni mentor through the ASK Program to explore career paths. 
Sophomore Year: Assess and Explore
  • Assist your student as they further explore potential occupations and majors. Encourage them to set up a meeting with their academic advisor or a career coach to explore career paths
  • Support your student as they gain valuable experiential knowledge through community service, part-time work, student clubs, and co-curricular activities that relate to their interests and skills.
  • Brainstorm with your student professionals in their field of interest who can be contacted for informational interviews and/or shadowing. Don’t forget about CandidCareer videos, too! Here you will find an extensive library of informational videos, including SUNY Oswego alumni.
  • Consider suggesting your student attend one of our Career Fairs in their Fall or Spring semester. This allows for them to get a taste of what to expect in the future and serves as a great way to gather information on potential careers and employers.
  • Encourage your student to start thinking about or even seeking out potential internships for academic credit in their junior and/or senior year.
  • Empower your student to start their LinkedIn profile and take a professional headshot using resources at Career Services. Remind your student to continue to build their Networking, Personal Branding, and LinkedIn Profile and to continue to use the Career Services Resource Center.
Junior Year: Evaluate and Network
  • Remind your student to regularly update their LinkedIn profile.
  • Encourage your student to complete an internship for academic credit.
  • Encourage your student to customize their résumé to positions they are interested in and then meet with the Compass Navigator staff in the Resource Center for a final critique.
  • If your student is considering graduate school as an option, facilitate the start of the brainstorming and search process.
  • Encourage your student’s continuance in meaningful co-curricular activities and support them in seeking out a leadership role within these groups if possible.
  • Discuss positive networking strategies that will allow your student to build strong professional relationships with individuals who could potentially serve as a reference.
  • Remind your student to attend our Fall and Spring Career Internship Fairs and Graduate School Fairs.
  • Speak to your student about solidifying career-related choices and goals.
Senior Year: Market Yourself and Search
  • Encourage your student to update and enhance their LinkedIn profile to broaden their professional network.
  • Have your student check out CandidCareer videos to increase their knowledge of networking techniques, interviewing skills, and how to financially succeed after graduation.
  • Encourage your student to take part in mock and on-campus interviews through Career Services.
  • Make sure your student has sought out the Resource Center for personalized 1:1 assistance to finalize their résumés and cover letters.
  • Remind your student to attend our Fall and Spring Career and Graduate School Fairs, emphasizing networking with potential employers of interest.
  • Remind your student to solidify their references and share their career aspirations with mentors and supervisors. 
  • Listen, discuss, and support your student as they launch their career search process (remind them it is of benefit to start sooner than later!).

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