Compensation Negotiation

Who wants more money? 
Take charge of your financial future by learning how to negotiate!

Negotiating compensation can be tricky, whether it is part of the job search process or in the case of an individual working for an employer and wishing to receive a raise.  It is very common for many employers to have set a starting salary with no room for negotiation, especially entry-level positions; however, with other employers there may be room to negotiate.

SUNY Oswego Career Services has partnered with AAUW, a leading national authority on the topic of compensation negotiation, to provide you with the best tools and strategies that exist.  The purpose of going through this process is to:

  • Empower you to successfully and confidently negotiate your salary and benefits
  • Ensure your compensation is aligned with your worth and market value

The resources below are designed to take you through the process of knowing your value, articulating your skills and accomplishments in a data-driven way, conducting market-based research, determining your target salary/compensation range, factoring in your budget, and developing a strong “pitch” strategy.

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Get Started

Career Services has paid the subscription fees so you can take a FREE online salary negotiation course from AAUW!  This course will include a basic workbook to help you "do the math" for your negotiation.

Free Online Course!
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Develop a Strategy

Our Career Coaches completed comprehensive AAUW training and can provide you with a customized and interactive workbook designed to move you forward.  Make an appointment today!

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Salary Research

Do Your Research

There are plenty of resources to help you research salaries for thousands of jobs. Knowledge is power and knowing your market value is key!  Check out some of our favorites!