SUNY Cross Registration

Oswego students seeking to participate in SUNY Cross Registration must follow the Off-Campus Study Approval process. The advantage of SUNY Cross Registration is that it enables aid-eligible matriculated students to combine program eligible credits from two or more campuses into a full-time load for financial aid purposes. This provides students the opportunity to register at more than one SUNY campus without incurring additional tuition charges.

Oswego students may apply for Cross Registration for Fall, Spring and Summer terms only. Applications must be submitted by August 15 for Fall, January 15 for Spring and May 15 for Summer sessions. The sum of Oswego credits and cross-registration credits cannot exceed the student’s maximum registration hours cap for the term as defined by Oswego.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the course is being offered and that the “host” SUNY school (where the off-campus course will be taken) participates in Cross Registration during the term that the off-campus course is offered.

Oswego students who wish to participate in SUNY Cross Registration must:

  • Be enrolled and attending SUNY Oswego in the same term as the requested Off-Campus Study.
  • Have a current Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher and not be in an academic probationary status.
  • Obtain Approval for Off-Campus Study. (After obtaining all the approvals/signatures on the Off Campus Study Approval form (OCSA), and submitting the form, please email and instructions will be provided for logging into the SUNY Cross Registration portal.)
  • Apply for SUNY cross-registration and obtain permission in advance of the deadlines noted above.
  • Courses registered for at another SUNY campus prior to receiving all the necessary approvals from both campuses are not covered under the SUNY Cross Registration agreement. Both campuses must approve your request via the SUNY Cross Registration portal, before the student registers at the HOST SUNY campus. Students may only register at the HOST campus after the HOST campus has provided registration instructions and approved the request in the SUNY Cross Registration portal. If a student proceeds with self-registering at the HOST campus without all the necessary approvals, the student is directly responsible for payment of all tuition/fees directly to the HOST campus. 

Approval of Cross Registration requires:

  • That the requested course is applicable toward the student’s SUNY Oswego degree program (first major, General Education, Liberal Arts, upper-division requirements or as an all-college elective).
  • The course is not being offered at Oswego at such a time that it results in demonstrable delay in degree completion.

Students participating in SUNY Cross Registration must notify the Oswego Registrar’s Office and the host Campus within five business days if their enrollment status changes – i.e. a drop or withdrawal from the approved off-campus course. These changes may impact financial aid eligibility in the current and/or future terms. Changes in enrollment may result in student liability for tuition and/or fees.

Students are encouraged to consult the Financial Aid Office regarding academic eligibility for financial aid, including satisfactory academic progress standards before making any changes to their schedules.