What can I do with a major in wellness management?

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New York State Department of Health
Albany Medical Center

Physical Therapist Aide
Wellness Ambassador
Safety, Health & Wellness Coordinator

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Employers in NY: 667
Employers in US: 13,443


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Leisure and Fitness

Management and Administration 
Facilities/Equipment Management
Travel Planning 
Event Planning


Ski resorts
Tennis and golf clubs/resorts
Health and fitness clubs
Country clubs 
Racquet clubs 
Executive fitness centers
Major health spas 
Recreational facilities 
Hospitality and travel industry
Related nonprofit organizations, e.g. Boys' and Girls' Clubs of America, Special Olympics 
Sport related museums and attractions

Sample occupations

Gain relevant experience through part-time or summer jobs or internships.
Work in campus recreation and fitness facilities.
Spend summers as an outdoor guide or tour guide.
Get involved in campus recreational organizations.
Volunteer to plan and lead outings or trips.
Maintain excellent personal fitness and athletic proficiency.
Develop strong communication skills and learn to work well with a variety of people.


Centers for Disease Control 
President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports
Center for Health Promotion and Education 
Indian Health Service 
Public Health Service 
Consumer Product Safety Commission
National Institutes of Health
State Departments of Health 
Department of Health and Human services
Office of Disease prevention and Health promotion 
U.S. Armed Forces 
Department of Veterans' Affairs
Peace Corps

Sample occupations

Be familiar with government hiring processes.
Get involved in campus government and positions of leadership.
Obtain and complete internships.

Private and Non-private

Athletic Director
Athletic Trainer
Director of Intramurals and Recreation 
Health/Fitness Instructor
Health Club Manager
Fitness Program Coordinator 
Personal Trainer 
Physical Therapist 
Physical Education Director
Rehabilitation Therapist
Sports Information Director 
Strength and Conditioning Coach


Athletic associations
High schools 
Colleges and universities
Professional sports teams
Sporting goods companies 
Sports medicine clinics 
Country clubs and resorts 
Rehabilitation clinics 
Health and fitness clubs

Sample occupations

Obtain and complete internships.
Seek out experiences to enhance your knowledge and skills in your area of interest.
Get involved with relevant campus clubs and organizations.

Graduate School Preparation

Physical Therapist 
Occupational Therapist 
Rehabilitation Therapist 
Sports Management



Sample occupations

Research graduate programs.
Complete required prerequisite courses for graduate school entrance.
Study for graduate school entrance examinations and apply for admission.
Network with professionals and learn about their profession.

General information and strategies

  • Gain as much hands-on experience in the industry as possible through practice, internships, and volunteer positions.
  • Once an area of interest is identified, find ways to gain experience and skills particular to that field.
  • Learn to work well on a team and learn how to get along with different personality types.
  • Demonstrate energy, enthusiasm, and a strong work ethic. You may need to work long and irregular hours, including weekends and holidays.
  • Join relevant professional associations; attend their conferences and read their journals.
  • Work in campus recreation and fitness facilities.
  • Maintain excellent personal fitness and athletic proficiency.
  • Minor in business or take business courses to increase management skills.
  • Consider earning an MBA for greater job opportunities.