Is it ok to be undeclared?

Being undeclared at SUNY Oswego means you will be proactively exploring majors and careers.  You will have enormous support and comprehensive resources to help you make an informed decision.  You will be advised by an undeclared academic advisor who is trained to work with you throughout the exploration process.  You will have the opportunity to take major exploration courses, attend workshops, take self-assessments and meet with a career coach to explore majors that fit your strengths, interests and goals.  You will explore all your options early and make a timely decision you can feel confident about.

When should I declare my major?

Ideally, you should declare a major by the end of your first year. Keep in mind you are required to declare a major by the time you have earned 60 credits.  Don’t wait this long though – take action now to explore majors and careers

Can I declare more than one major?

You are not limited to only one major.  You may declare up to two majors and one minor, or one major and two minors. Check out all majors and minors in the online undergraduate catalog

Are there requirements I need to complete before declaring?

Some majors and minors have requirements that need to be met in order to declare them. It is important to consider whether or not there are any restrictions for declaring the major you have chosen.  Every major is different. Check with your academic advisor or the department of the major you plan to declare for more details about the requirements to declare. Information for declaring Biology and Zoology may be found here

How do I declare/change my major or minor?

To declare your major log in to myOswego and under the “student records” tab click “Request Declaration/Change of Major/Minor” and select the major(s)/minor(s) you would like to declare. Contact the department of the major you have requested to set up a time to meet with the advisement coordinator. A list of the Advisement Coordinators may be found here

Undeclared Advisement Coordinator

Dr. Corie Kohlbach