Ruth Sachidanandan Herb Garden at Rice Creek Field Station was the inspiration of RCA member Ruth Sachidanandan, who chaired the original herb garden committee. Other members of the original group included Norman Gillette, Muriel Harrison, and Joyce Rice. The garden was planned by the RCA committee and construction was begun in 1987 by members of the Oswego County Conservation Corps. Planting was completed during the summers of 1989 and 1990.  After Ruth Sachidanandan's untimely passing in 1990, Rice Creek Associates decided to honor her by naming the garden the Ruth Sachidanandan Herb Garden.  The Ruth Sachidanandan Herb Garden booklet  is available.  A dedicated group of volunteers have helped to maintain this garden for many years including Marilyn Pirkle, Joyce Rice, Suzanne Stout, Evie Taylor and Nancy Townsend.  They have now moved onto other interests and we thank them for their efforts.

Rice Creek Associates Newsletter  is distributed to the membership at least twice a year. It contains news of events at Rice Creek and articles of interest to the membership. Contributors include field station staff, RCA members, and others as appropriate. Your input is welcome, and can be addressed to Mike Holy.  Please consider receiving your newsletter by email.

Grants in Support of Research at Rice Creek Field Station were established in 1996 with RCA, awarding several small grants each year.  

Support of Exploring Nature Scholarships was established in 2011 with RCA funding the first scholarship to a child attending the Exploring Nature summer program at the field station.  Tax deductible contributions can be designated for donations to the Exploring Nature Scholarship Fund.

Rice Creek Associates Reflections are talks about local ecology and environmental themes of interest to the community.  Some speakers have shared their  presentations online.