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The Center for Urban Education and the Field Placement Office in the School of Education support a variety of preservice teacher field experience opportunities in Syracuse and New York City.

Some of the most exciting and rewarding teaching positions are in New York City.  The School of Education actively works with the NYC Board of Education to obtain student teaching placements and housing for Oswego candidates. The SUNY Urban Teacher Education Center (SUTEC) assists Oswego candidates who wish to fulfill their student teaching requirements in New York City schools, and serves as a vital resource for research on urban education.  

International Student Teaching Placements SUNY Oswego has partnerships with two overseas academic institutions where education majors can do their student teaching.  In Australia, students select placements at ACU National in Melbourne or Sydney and in New Zealand, students select placements at AUT University in Auckland. Specific information on these programs is available in the C&I Advisement Center (213 Hewitt Union, 315-312-5641) and the Office of International Education & Programs (100 Sheldon Hall, 315-312-2118),

For more information about these and other urban and diverse field experiences, contact:
      Dr. Pat Russo, Director of the Center for Urban Education
      (, 310 Park Hall, 315-312-2632).
     Ms. Nichole Brown, Field Placement Office Director,
     (, 175 Wilber Hall, 315-312-3098)