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Sample occupations

Acquire teaching experience.
Obtain Ph.D. and certificate in school administration.
Obtain a master's degree in area to become a specialist. Requirements for certification and/or accreditation vary by state.
Gain experience through volunteer work or internships.
Learn to work well with people of various back grounds.

General information and strategies

  • Gain the foundation in literacy and language acquisition needed to work effectively with English Language Learners.
  • Understand the connection between culture and communication, and develop your intercultural competencies.
  • Learn to use a variety of assessment strategies to evaluate student progress and to inform the instructional process.
  • Develop skills in applying second language learning theories and methods through lesson plan development, site observations and classroom practice.
  • Develop excellent communication skills, verbal and written.
  • Develop good computer skills.
  • Obtain part-time, summer, internship, or volunteer experience with the age group you intend to work with in various settings: pre-schools, daycares, camps, community agencies, adult centers, YMCA's, etc.
  • Participate in co-curricular activities and related organizations to broaden skills, interests, and opportunities.
  • Obtain a master's degree in area to become a specialist. Requirements for certification and/or accreditation vary by state.