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SUNY Oswego - Career Services

A lifetime of service...

Whether you're a new grad or you are 15 years out and looking for a career change - we're here for you!

I'm an alumnus who needs help finding a job:
We have a variety of on and offline tools, resources, and staff that can assist you. All our services and resources are available to alumni for FREE. Check out our
online tools, attend an event, or schedule a time to connect with a career coach!

To register for any of our online resources you will need an email address. You can secure or reactivate an Oswego email by contacting 315-312-3003.

I'm an alumnus who wants to hire other SUNY Oswego students and grads:
Wonderful!  If you're looking to hire graduates and seasoned professionals, head over to OsweGoConnect. If you'd like to visit campus to connect with and hire students, we have tons of hiring resources available.

I'm an alumnus who wants to get more involved with my alma mater:
Do you want to share your professional experiences and wisdom with current students? Contact us and we can arrange a visit to campus.

Check out the most recent Graduate Survey to see where other SUNY Oswego alumni have ventured!