SUNY Oswego Theatre presents 'Kill Shakespeare: the Live Graphic Novel'

We are pleased to announce the fourth and final show in the 2019-20 SUNY Oswego Theatre season! In recent years, the fourth season slot has hosted shorter, experimental and research-based projects led by a faculty member with a passion for a particular idea. This coming year, SUNY Oswego Theatre will present ‘Kill Shakespeare: the Live Graphic Novel’, an exciting multi-media project which will combine live actors with innovative projections, to tell the story of ‘Kill Shakespeare’, a popular graphic novel series which tells the tale of a mystical land in which Shakespeare’s heroes (Hamlet, Othello, Juliet) face off in a winner-take-all war against Shakespeare’s villains (Lady Macbeth, Richard III, Iago). This project, which has played in theaters around the world, uses projection to show comic book panels on large screens in the theatre while actors use their voices to bring the panels to life.  Directed by Professor Toby Malone (who worked as the dramaturg on the original ‘Kill Shakespeare Live’ production in 2011), with projections by Professor Patrick Mathis and live foley sound coordinated by Professor T.J. Bandla, this promises to be an exciting event landing in Oswego in March 2020. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that the creators of ‘Kill Shakespeare’, Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col, will be in attendance to participate in the events, which includes cross-campus collaboration between the theatre department and the departments of English, Creative Writing, Criminal Justice, and more. Keep an eye out for announcements of panels, workshops, and other engagement events as the date gets closer! For more information, visit