Learning from a faculty of highly-trained theatre professionals, students in our Acting/Directing Track train in a variety of acting and directing techniques, building from early fundamentals up to advanced concepts of performance. This theory- and practicum-based track concentrates on varying levels of traditional and contemporary performance styles, character interpretation, and script analysis, to create a well-rounded performer. In-department performance and directing opportunities make this a hands-on site to prepare you for the professional world.

Track Learning Objectives

  • Identify basic acting and directing terminology, theories and techniques.
  • Identify and explain historical and technical theories of performance.
  • Draw connections between historical and contemporary acting methods and styles.
  • Interpret characters in a script to implement and execute acting practices learned and developed; for the creation of a truthful and engaging character on stage.
  • Create theatrical productions through textual analysis and interpretation.
  • Collaboratively create and stage scripted/devised work of various genres and styles.

Life after Acting/Directing at SUNY Oswego

Students may look to careers as performers, directors, and educators.  In the practical theatre, an acting/directing specialization may lead to the following careers:

  • Stage Actor
  • TV/Film Actor
  • Commercial Actor
  • Production Assistant 
  • Casting Assistant 
  • Acting Instructor 
  • Theater Summer Program Assistant/Associate 
  • Higher Education Lecturer 
  • Secondary School Teacher 
  • Arts Administrator 
  • Educational Assistant 
  • Acting Coach 
  • Assistant Director 
  • Drama Program Coordinator
  • Drama Workshop Instructor 
  • Theme Park/ Cruise Ship Performer

Core Faculty

Assistant Professor Mya Brown: Acting, Directing, Shakespeare, Voice and Diction

Associate Professor Jonel Langenfeld: Acting, Directing, Movement

Ligia Pinheiro: Dance

Assistant Professor Henry Austin Shikongo: Acting, Directing, Mask

Cheryl Wilkins-Mitchell: Dance

For more information on Acting/Directing, please contact Professor Jonel Langenfeld.

SUNY Oswego Theatre is a Proud Institutional Member of KCACTF Region 2: the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.