Students have the opportunity to train in a variety of acting and directing techniques, building from early fundamentals up to advanced concepts of performance. Students will train in varying levels of traditional and contemporary performance styles, character interpretation, and script analysis, to create a well-rounded performer. In-department performance and directing opportunities make this a hands-on site to prepare you for the professional world.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify basic acting and directing terminology, theories and techniques.
  • Identify and explain historical and technical theories of performance.
  • Draw connections between historical and contemporary acting methods and styles.
  • Interpret characters in a script to implement and execute acting practices learned and developed; for the creation of a truthful and engaging character on stage.
  • Create theatrical productions through textual analysis and interpretation.
  • Collaboratively create and stage scripted/devised work of various genres and styles.

Life after Acting/Directing at SUNY Oswego

Students may look to careers as performers, directors, and educators.  In the practical theatre, students who learn skills in acting/directing may be ready for the following careers:

  • Stage Actor
  • TV/Film Actor
  • Commercial Actor
  • Production Assistant 
  • Casting Assistant 
  • Acting Instructor 
  • Theater Summer Program Assistant/Associate 
  • Higher Education Lecturer 
  • Secondary School Teacher 
  • Arts Administrator 
  • Educational Assistant 
  • Acting Coach 
  • Assistant Director 
  • Drama Program Coordinator
  • Drama Workshop Instructor 
  • Theme Park/ Cruise Ship Performer

For more information on Acting/Directing, please contact Professor Jonel Langenfeld.

SUNY Oswego Theatre is a Proud Institutional Member of KCACTF Region 2: the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.