Pre-med/Pre-health Advising Paths

Oswego pre-med/pre-health students should select majors/minors that match their interests and talents. Students pursuing a career in healthcare do not need to complete a degree in the sciences. By completing the prerequisite courses for a health-training program, students will get rigorous science foundation.

Health-training programs (including M.D./D.O.) seek students who excel in their undergraduate studies and who have demonstrated ability in physical and natural science courses coupled with a well-rounded background that includes courses in the social sciences, humanities, and arts.

With all of the advising tracks below, it is recommended that course requirements be completed at Oswego. When a student needs to complete one or two courses elsewhere, it is suggested they be done at a four-year institution. All required courses must be taken for a grade and most programs will not accept a grade lower than C.

Not all programs will accept AP credits for the prerequisite courses. You can check specific programs if you know where you would like to attend, but it is recommended that you take all required courses at Oswego to ensure you will have the greatest number of opportunities available when you apply.  

Pre-medical path

Pre-Veterinary path

Pre-physical therapy path

Pre-physician assistant path

Pre-optometry path

Pre-dental path

Pre-pharmacy path

Pre-chiropractic path

Pre-podiatry path

Pre-nursing path