Preparing for pre-health studies at Oswego

Thank you for your interest in studying at SUNY Oswego in order to prepare for entry into a health training program later in your education. What you will find here are some recommendations on how you can best prepare yourself for success as a SUNY Oswego student. These courses are not required for entry into our programs, but rather should be taken as preparation for our programs. Please contact the Admissions Office for complete information on applying to SUNY Oswego. 


  1. If you plan to be a non-science major, medical schools prefer that most of the prerequisite science classes (especially organic chemistry) are taken at a four-year institution.
  2. Not all medical training programs will accept AP credit as completing the prerequisite course requirement, even though it may count towards your undergraduate degree.

High school students (should have science and math every year, grades 9 through 12)
Sciences: (one year of each at the Regents level): Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Math: Math B, pre-calculus
Foreign language: one year past the Regents
AP Course Equivalencies 


Biochemistry, biology, zoology majors
Introductory Biology (for science majors) (four credits with lab, cell and molecular foundations focus)
General Chemistry I & II (for science majors)  (eight hours with labs)
Math: College Algebra, Pre-calculus
English Composition II

Math or physical science (chemistry, geology, geochemistry, physics) majors
Introductory course(s) in chosen field (for science majors)
Physics I & II  (algebra or calculus based)
Math: Pre-calculus, Calculus

Non-science majors
Introductory course(s) in whatever major you are transferring into 
12 to 16 hours of the following:

  • Introductory Biology I & II (for science majors) (eight credits with lab)
  • General Chemistry I & II (for science majors)  (eight hours with labs)
  • Physics I & II (for science majors) (eight hours with labs)
  • Math: College Algebra, Pre-calculus