Health Professions Advisory Committee

The SUNY Oswego Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) provides support for pre-health students as they progress through this phase of their education. 

Important Information:
HPAC Letter of Recommendation (required for students entering M.D. programs)
Dr. Walter Freund Memorial Trust (for pre-M.D. students only)
Pre-health Studies at SUNY Oswego

HPAC Members:

Matthew Baker, Chemistry
Kestas Bendinskas
, Chemistry
Kathleen Blake, Anthropology
Robert Card, Philosophy
Ronald Graham, Biological Sciences
Poongodi Geetha-Loganathan, Biological Sciences
Charlene Harris, Human Development
Sien Hu, Psychology
Jim MacKenzie
 (Chairperson), Biological Sciences
Gary Morris, Career Services
Peter Newell
, Biological Sciences

Interdisciplinary Programs and Activities Center Office:

222 Campus Center