Pre-health advising

The following information is maintained by Dr. Jim MacKenzie and should be used as a guide by students who are interested in pursuing a career in the health sciences. This page is in no way comprehensive, and should be used as a starting point for students to explore different careers and learn more about the resources that are available to help them get the education/job that they want.  To learn more about pre-health studies at SUNY Oswego, please visit the Pre-health Studies website.

Careers in the Health Sciences

Anesthesiologist Assistant - Chiropractor - Cytotechnologist - Dental Assistant - Dentist - Emergency Medical Technician - Genetic Counselor - Histologist - Home Health Aides - Medical Geneticist - Medical Imaging Specialist - Medical Technologist - Mental Health - Nursing/Nurse Practitioner - Nursing Aides - Occupational Therapy -Optometrist - Perfusionist - Pharmacologist - Physical Therapist - Physician - Physician Assistant - Podiatrist - Public Health Microbiologist - Medical Research - Radiation Therapist - Respiratory Therapist - Sports Medicine - Veterinary Medicine - and many others.

General Information

Physician (MD, DO, MD/PhD)

Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Naturopathic Physician (ND)

Physician Assistant (PA)

Physical Therapy (DPT)

Medical Research (MS, PhD, MD, MD/PhD)

Dentistry (DDS)

Pharmacy (PharmD)

Optometry (OD)

Occupational Therapy


Nursing/Nurse Practitioner

Mental Health

Allied Health Careers


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