Pre-health studies at SUNY Oswego

As medicine is inherently an interdisciplinary profession which requires significant skills in human interaction and understanding, a proper pre-health undergraduate education requires both a strong foundation in liberal arts and a strong science preparation. Patients are best served by practitioners who are well grounded in the liberal arts, social sciences, physical sciences and the natural sciences.

While SUNY Oswego does not offer a formal pre-health degree, we do offer a range of undergraduate majors that students can study in order to obtain the necessary prerequisites for admission into health science programs including medicine (MD/DO), physician's assistant, nursing, dentistry, physical therapy, veterinary medicine and many more. Because professional health-science training programs are looking for students who are intelligent and well-rounded, and not students with a particular major, students should choose a major in an area that they find the most interesting. If that major does not contain all of the requirements for a particular health-training program, students should make sure that they take those other courses as well. The majors could be from the humanities (sociology, psychology, philosophy, literature. etc.), natural sciences (biochemistry, biology, zoology, etc.), physical sciences (chemistry, math, physics), the School of Education (wellness management) or the School of Business.  

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All Oswego students who are interested in applying to health care training programs after Oswego, please be sure to do the following:

  1. Subscribe yourself to the pre-health studies listserv, an email list that the HPAC utilizes to contact students about upcoming events, deadlines, and announcements. This is our main form of contact, so this is very important!
  2. Attend pre-health events throughout your undergraduate education so the HPAC members have a chance to get to know you personally long before you ask for recommendation letters. Introduce yourself if you haven't already met them.
  3. Review the information on the pre-health web pages throughout your undergraduate education.
  4. Pre-MD (and some DO, DDS, and OD) students - please set up a folder in the Interdisciplinary Programs and Activities Center office located in 222 Marano Campus Center for when you need to request letters of recommendation.

If you are a student considering coming to SUNY Oswego, be sure to look at the information about preparing to study pre-health at Oswego and contact the Admissions Office for more details.

Email for additional information.