HPAC Letter of Recommendation

All MD, most DO, and some others (DDS, OD) programs will require a single letter of recommendation from the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC).  All materials must be submitted to the HPAC Chair (222 Marano Campus Center, office hours 8-11:45 am M-F) between the FIRST FRIDAY OF MARCH of the semester before you complete your summer AMCAS application and will not be accepted after the FIRST FRIDAY OF OCTOBER of the semester after you complete your summer AMCAS application. (Suggestion: Start getting your materials together in February, including asking for references, so that your application is COMPLETE by the beginning of March). Interviews and letter writing will begin as soon as possible after the application is complete, although applications completed late in the Spring semester or during the summer months may have a delay in the interview process.

Application Form

FERPA Waiver Form

Evaluator Form (to be completed by your individual references for submission to HPAC)