Pre-pharmacy Path

Pharmacists (Pharm.D.) distribute prescription drugs. They work with physicians, including in hospital settings, to provide specialized knowledge related to the safe and effective use of medicines. For more information on Pharm.D., see the Pharmacy section at this link.

Information about Oswego's cooperative Pharm.D. program with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine can be found here.

Starting with your first semester of college, you are accumulating the credentials to apply to Pharm.D. programs. Applicants are expected to have:

  • Completed a bachelor's degree in any major; some programs will admit students without finishing the bachelor's degree
  • Completed prerequisite course requirements (see below)
  • Earn excellent grades; overall and science GPAs should be at least 3.5
  • Earn a good score on the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT), at least a score of 400; some programs will take the MCAT or GRE
  • Obtain individual letters of recommendations, academic and clinical

Course Requirements

These are the courses at SUNY Oswego that are recommended you complete to meet Pharm.D. admissions requirements (note, there is a lot variation in course requirements for Pharm.D. programs, you should check directly with the programs you are applying to for the most up to date information):

Course Requirements SUNY Oswego Course Notes
One year of Introductory Biology Bio 120 and either Bio 340 or Bio 370
  • All courses offered every semester
  • Bio 120 is the prerequisite to Bio 340 and 370
  • If not a Biology or Zoology major, you will need permission to register from the Biological Sciences Chair
One year of General (Inorganic) Chemistry Che 111 (113 lab) and Che 212 (214 lab)
  • Both courses offered every semester
One semester of Organic Chemistry and/or Biochemistry

Che 260 or 331 (organic)

Che 360 or 461 (biochem)

  • Che 260, 331, and 461 are Fall semester only
  • Che 360 is Spring only
  • Che 360 is recommended for students who wish to learn basic biochemistry. Che 461 & 462 are recommended for those seeking an in depth understanding of biochemistry
One year of Human Anatomy and Physiology

Bio 305 and Zoo 306

  • Bio 305 is Fall semester only, Bio 306 is Spring only
One semester of Microbiology Bio 310
  • Offered every semester
One year of Human Anatomy and Physiology Zoo 305 and 306
  • Zoo 305 is Fall only, Zoo 306 is Spring only
One year of English Eng 102 and either Eng 203, 204, 302, or 304
  • Eng 102 offered every semester, others vary
One year of Math Mat 158 or Mat 179; Mat 210
  • Offered every semester
One semester of Social Sciences