Pre-nursing Path

Nurses are an integral part of the healthcare profession whose duties can vary depending on the healthcare setting and specialty. Nurses' primary role is to advocate and care for patients by communicating with physicians, monitoring patients, and administering medication. For more information on becoming a nurse, see the Nursing/Nurse Practitioner section at this link.

If you want a career in nursing, now is the time to start thinking about when to apply. It is recommended that you contact nursing programs immediately to learn about your best path into a nursing program. Students early in their Oswego career may look to transfer to a nursing program before completing their Oswego degree. Oswego students well along towards earning their bachelor's degree should consider finishing the Oswego degree and applying to an accelerated Bachelor's of Nursing program (B.S.N.). There are also accelerated B.S.N. programs that lead into Nurse Pracitioner (N.P.) programs.

Course Requirements

These are the courses at SUNY Oswego that are recommended you complete to prepare for nursing school requirements (note, there is some variation in course requirements for nursing programs, so be sure to check the requirements of the programs you plan on applying to):

Course Requirements SUNY Oswego Course Notes
One Year of Biology Bio 120 and either Bio 340 or Bio 370
  • All courses offered every semester
  • Bio 120 is the prerequisite to Bio 340 and 370
  • If not a Biology or Zoology major, you will need permission to register from the Biological Sciences Chair
One year of General (Inorganic) Chemistry Che 111 (113 lab) and Che 212 (214 lab)
  • Both courses offered every semester
One semester of Microbiology Bio 310
  • Offered every semester
  • Che 212 is a prerequisite
One year of Human Anatomy and Physiology Bio 305 and 306
  • Bio 305 is Fall semester only; Bio 306 is Spring only
One semester of Nutrition Hsc 315

One Year of English Eng 102 and either Eng 203, 204, 302, or 304
  • Eng 102 offered every semester, others vary
One year of Psychology Psy 100 and 320
One semester of statistics Mat 158 or Mat 179