Office of Research and Sponsored Programs


The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is responsible for the development, coordination and financial management of all contracts and grants at the college. All externally sponsored projects for research, scholarly/creative services utilizing SUNY Oswego facilities and/or personnel must be processed and administered through ORSP.

A project is externally sponsored when a grant or contract is awarded to the Research Foundation for SUNY on behalf of the College in support of a specific activity. External sponsors consist of federal and state agencies, private foundations, professional organizations and business. Sponsored projects include, but are not limited to research, scholarly and creative activities, curriculum development and workshops or meetings.

New Awards @ Oswego

Principal Investigator

Award Name

Sponsor Name

Pippin, Jill

Professional Development and Training 2017

Oswego County Department of Social Services

Hsiao, Ching Hung

STARTALK: Chinese Language and Culture Academy

National Security Agency

Stewart, Paul

Confidence is the Currency that All Neighborhoods Trade On/Oswego Renaissance Association

The Shineman Foundation

Gillen, Meave
, Chena

6 Steps to Better Balance/RSVP

The Shineman Foundation

Mohamed, Kamal

ZBGA General Expense Reimbursement 2016-2021

NYS Parks Recreation & Historic Preservation

Gillen, Meave

RSVP of Oswego County

United Way of Oswego County

Pretzat, Julie

SUNY Oswego Youth Arts Programs

The Borman Family Foundation

Ameigh, Michael
Loper, Catherine

Take Care Radio Series - 2017 Health Foundation of Western & Central New York

Dykas, Matthew

Circle of Security Parenting for High-Risk Caregivers

New York State Parenting Education Partnership

Pippin, Jill
Parker, Benjamin

Battle Buddy Center

New York State Industries for the Disabled

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