Engaging Challenge: Sesquicentennial Plan

"Engaging Challenge: The Sesquicentennial Plan for SUNY Oswego" picks up where "Engagement 2000" left off and carries SUNY Oswego forward to its 150th -- sesquicentennial -- year in 2011.

President's Welcome and Introduction

I am pleased to present Engaging Challenge, The Sesquicentennial Plan, an ambitious document that takes bold, innovative steps to develop our students as true global citizens. Building on our learner-centered culture, the plan imagines compelling ways in which we will deliver a SUNY Oswego education to cultivate intentional learners with global views and inventive solutions designed to enrich the lives of students, communities and our world.

Our previous strategic plan Engagement 2000: A Learner-Centered Culture (pdf, 82 KB) set a new direction for the college and became a powerful organizing theme that served as the catalyst for thoughtful renewal of the educational programs and physical design of our campus. Guided by our shared commitment to the learner-centered concept and a commitment to excellence, SUNY Oswego strategically forged ahead, emerging as a prominent college recognized for its distinctive learning paradigm that encourages members of the college community to interact on a meaningful personal level and to develop relationships that enhance teaching, learning, research and the service commitment of the college. 

The Sesquicentennial Plan is designed to bolster and enrich the academic culture on an even broader scale. Our goal is to ensure that all our students receive the best education possible through opportunities to craft their own educational paths, with access to a wider array of learning venues, using the most up-to-date technologies, equipment and state-of-the-art facilities to prepare them with the skills and intellectual capacities needed to be leaders in managing globalization in an equitable, ethical and sustainable way. 

The strategic directions and goals contained in this plan will help to advance the college, our students, faculty and staff through the rapidly evolving circumstances of a new era. We envision a college where students are highly directed, intentional learners with clear understanding of the interdependencies among major global challenges and are prepared to offer solutions that address the root causes of societal issues in order to build a better world. This will be fully expressed as an essential element of a SUNY Oswego education and will help lead the college and our graduates to national and international distinction. 

We have arrived at a plan that recognizes our potential for greatness and our intent to provide an education of enduring importance. I am deeply grateful for the many members of the college community who informed, strengthened and participated in drafting the plan that will serve as an unwavering guide toward the college's sesquicentennial celebration in 2011. 

Deborah F. Stanley, President