President's Budget Advisory Group

Principles of Discussion and Action

  • Advance and protect the long-term viability and quality of the institution.
  • Give priority to educational benefits and positive outcomes for students.
  • Advance and protect initiatives set forth in our mission and the strategic plan.
  • Examine cost-saving and revenue-generating options when appropriate.
  • Foster a climate of budget transparency.

Committee Charge - Fall 2016

The President’s Budget Advisory Group shall review data on budget, resource allocation, enrollments and other information as needed to inform a general understanding of annual budgeting for SUNY Oswego.  The Advisory Group will comment on strategies offered for addressing procedures and priorities in budget planning and allocating resources.  In addition to input into the budget planning process, the Advisory Group shall make its comments directly to the President.

The Advisory Group shall meet once during the Fall semester and two times during the Spring semester (and whenever necessary in unusual circumstances) to review current data and project future budget issues.