College Council Meeting Minutes - February 21, 2024

Wednesday, February 21, 2024
1:30pm, 114 Marano Campus Center and via Zoom video conference
Meeting Presentation (PDF)


College Council Members Present

In person:

  • Austin Davis
  • Dick Farfaglia
  • Tara FitzGibbons
  • Kristin Shanley-Graves

On zoom:

  • Darlene Baker
  • Brian McGrath
  • Jim McMahaon

Invited Guests Present

In person:

  • Kestutis Bendinskas
  • Kendra Cadogan
  • Jamal Coleman
  • Tina Cooper
  • Karen Crowe
  • Kristi Eck
  • Scott Furlong
  • Kathleen Kerr
  • Peter Nwosu
  • Christine Patrick
  • Liz Schmitt
  • Mary Toale
  • Becky Waters

On zoom:

  • Jenifer Janes
  • Shashi Kanbur

Additional Attendees

On zoom:

  • Zach Vickery


Welcome and Call to Order

James McMahon, College Council Chair, called to order at 1:39 pm.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of October 30, 2023, were unanimously approved. Motion by T. FitzGibbons, seconded by D. Farfaglia.

Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2024

Discussion led by Shashi Kanbur and Tina Cooper. Topics included Doppler on Wheels and NSF grant achievements.

Quest - April 16, 2024

Kestutis Bendinskas discussed the history and purpose of Quest, beginning in 1980, and the involvement of Oswego county schools.

Alumni Report

Jennifer Janes provided the alumni report, including updates and future plans.

Faculty Assembly Report

Elizabeth Schmitt presented the Faculty Assembly report, mentioning the Task Force report to FA in April.

Student Association Report

Austin Davis, Student Association President, shared updates and highlighted achievements, including commendation for commencement involvement.

President’s Report

Peter O. Nwosu discussed key initiatives, including learning by doing, new leadership introductions, and expressed thanks to Mary Toale for her service. Enrollment strategies, retention efforts, and strengthening student support were also covered. Questions about early college programs, transfer students, and commuter student retention were addressed.


Motion to adjourn the meeting moved by Tara FitzGibbons; seconded by Kristin Shanley-Graves. Meeting adjourned at 3:27 pm.

Feb. 21, 2024 College Council Meeting Minutes (PDF)