SUNY Excels/Tomorrow Advisory Group

SUNY Oswego's SUNY Excels/Tomorrow Advisory Group helps to guide the college's implementation of the institution's strategic plan, which is titled "Tomorrow," as well as its coordination with the system-wide strategic plan, "SUNY Excels."

At the end of the fall 2014 semester, the college launched its newest strategic plan: Tomorrow: Greater Impact and Success.

The plan is composed of five impact areas:

  • Our Students and Graduates
  • Our Education Ecosystem
  • Our Communities and Partnerships
  • Our Institution
  • Our Grand Challenges. 

In early January 2015, SUNY formally announced the SUNY Excels Performance System via a memorandum from Chancellor Nancy Zimpher to the SUNY Board of Trustees recommending that the SUNY Board of Trustees supports and endorses SUNY Excels as the University’s performance system and key driver for the Power of SUNY strategic plan for the next five years. 

SUNY Excels includes five priority areas:

  • Access
  • Completion
  • Success
  • Inquiry
  • Engagement 

Tomorrow: Greater Impact and Success was envisioned, shaped and created by our college’s 41-person Strategic Planning Advisory Board, and by many others from around the campus and beyond to carry SUNY Oswego forward while building off the strengths and successes of our past and present. Tomorrow was also crafted in alignment with the Power of SUNY; therefore, Tomorrow’s five impact areas and SUNY Excel’s five priority areas share many indicators and metrics. 

In May 2015, President Deborah F. Stanley created, convened and launched the college’s SUNY Excels/Tomorrow Advisory Group. In addition to President Stanley, the Advisory Group includes 53 members: 10 senior leadership (vice presidents and deans), 19 faculty (including 4 faculty governance leaders), 20 professional staff, 2 students and 2 College Council members. Since May, President Stanley has held monthly Advisory Group meetings (see below for meeting dates, topics discussed and next steps). Over the past few months, the Advisory Group has worked tirelessly and collaboratively with each other and with other faculty and staff across campus to prepare six SUNY Oswego-submitted Proposal White Papers by the August 28, 2015 RFP deadline for the $100 million Expanded Investment and Performance Fund. In addition, the Advisory Group remains focused on preparing the college’s Performance Improvement Plan due to SUNY on Sept. 30, 2015.

The SUNY Excels/Tomorrow Advisory Group will continue to meet throughout the year. Please visit this site regularly for updates.