World Awareness

Adopt an expansive understanding of the world in order to develop the capacity of students to be fully human: self-aware, self-governing and capable of respecting the humanity of fellow human beings.

Goal: Cultivate a deeper and broader degree of human understanding by:
• Developing additional courses and co-curricular activities that bring students into contact with issues of gender, race, ethnicity and cross-cultural experiences to help them develop the skill sets needed to negotiate multi-perspective situations;
• Providing robust support for research and scholarly activities that explore the achievements and sufferings of cultures different from one’s own;
• Promoting and valuing openness, diversity and inclusiveness in all campus activities.
Goal: Promote appreciation for the richness of diversity, people and voices by:
• Building a critical mass of underrepresented faculty, staff and students by designing comprehensive plans that will guide campus diversity efforts and develop performance measures to evaluate the success of those plans;
• Becoming a recognized authoritative voice that speaks out on international issues and events;
• Establishing programs such as conversations about teaching that allow faculty to explore pedagogical and other issues related to cultivating a diversity of views in the classroom.

Goal: Expand multicultural and international understandings and experiences for students, faculty and staff by:
• Developing new international program opportunities that enhance the cultural competency of faculty, staff and students and encourage them to serve as global messengers;
• Bringing the nation and the world to our campus and community through visiting lecturers, performers, artists, scholars and researchers of distinction;
• Promoting a welcoming climate for hosting international visitors and scholars to our campus.

Goal: Demonstrate a commitment to stewardship of the world environment beginning with our campus by:

• Developing and implementing an action plan for campus sustainability that incorporates the learner-centered and campus-engagement concepts;
• Expanding research, scholarship, action and demonstration projects on responsible global citizenry, including inquiry of climate change;
• Providing leadership for local and regional sustainability efforts.