Secure the college’s stature as a world-class comprehensive college with intellectual and cultural vitality that provides an excellent education of exceptional quality to every student, supported by a strategically driven organizational structure and robust financial plan.

Goal: Design exemplary programs with remarkable academic identity, standing and success by:
• Identifying and developing programs of emerging distinction that are central to improving the college’s stature and will ensure students are provided a full range of high-quality learning opportunities that respond to student interests;
• Designating programs to attain national and international status for excellence through self-assessment and external reviews;
• Assessing major academic and general education programs to document student achievement and ensure all students graduate with strong core skills and an appreciation of the arts and humanities; an understanding of science, technology and mathematics; the ability to work within and across disciplinary boundaries; and the tools needed to participate in a global environment.

Goal: Recruit, nurture and retain faculty and staff of distinction by:
• Maintaining competitive compensation systems to recruit and retain exceptionally able, dedicated and diverse faculty and staff, and by establishing new positions in critical areas;
• Providing and facilitating means of connections that serve faculty and staff through academic, cultural and social programs, and engagement activities;
• Augmenting support for the facilities, equipment, research collections, library and information technologies and professional growth critical to exceptional teaching, mentoring, scholarship and creative activity.

Goal: Create a sense of pride, spirit of unity and lifelong affinity for the college by:
• Offering relationship-building opportunities that instill a sense of pride and foster a seamless connection among constituents through active campus life, intercollegiate athletics, intramurals, wellness activities and social networks;
• Enlisting key campus constituents to serve as ambassadors for the college in local, regional, state, national and international communities through educational, cultural, service and recreational programs;
• Celebrating extraordinary talents and accomplishments of students, faculty, staff and alumni by developing an integrated institutional relations and marketing plan to drive the vibrant intellectual and communal spirit of the college beyond the campus to achieve international visibility and recognition.

Goal: Strengthen the basic building blocks of the institution necessary to maximize the intellectual and community spirit of the college by:
• Creating healthy, efficient and effective organizational structures and processes to improve and expand educational offerings and college activities;
• Wisely stewarding existing resources and vigorously developing new sources of financial support to strengthen our economic viability;
• Sustaining excellent physical infrastructure through continued construction, renovation and renewal of campus facilities to exceed the standards of contemporary educational institutions.