Give priority to developing knowledge and translating the expertise of our community of scholars in research, scholarship and creative activity to find solutions to the problems of our time.

Goal:  Nurture the social consciousness of students and their interest in critical global challenges by:
• Challenging students at the earliest stages of their academic career to think about the nature of the education they want and to identify lines of inquiry that will help them become leaders in their communities and professions;
• Providing increased opportunities for students to pursue exciting new questions and problems through new courses in emerging areas of inquiry;
• Exposing the campus community to problems of importance to the whole society through a distinguished lecture series examining critical challenges of our day.
Goal: Increase understanding of complicated problems that afflict society by:
• Promoting faculty and student engagement in inquiry across traditional disciplinary boundaries to encourage the combination of perspectives and tools of several disciplines for work on problems that are important to the world at large;
• Adopting administrative structures and incentives that encourage cross-unit collaborations;
• Enhancing diversity of national and international travel, communication and collaboration to broaden knowledge of cross-cultural issues and possible transferable solutions.

Goal: Enable faculty and students to translate knowledge important to society by:

• Supporting new initiatives to build translational scholarship capacity;
• Proactive brokering of partnerships between researchers and research users to work on challenging social problems;
• Designing innovative dissemination models to translate high quality research findings into community practice.