Mission, Vision and VIEWS

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the common good by lighting the path to wisdom and empowering women and men to pursue meaningful lives as productive, responsible citizens.

Our Vision
Inspired by a shared commitment to excellence and the desire to transcend traditional higher-education boundaries, SUNY Oswego will be a premier institution that provides a transformative experience to a diverse body of students, empowering them to live ethical and meaningful lives and build a better world.

Directing our VIEWS
With focused commitment to our mission and vision, we have identified five strategic directions – Vitality, Intellectual Rigor, Engagement, World awareness, and Solutions - as key to achieving our aspiration as a world-class institution that prepares its students as responsible global citizens who are humane, thoughtful and influential actors on the world stage and who provide valuable leadership in their communities and professions.

The intent of the plan is to establish a direction and specify priorities to help ensure that SUNY Oswego becomes a stronger institution in the future.  The directions are clear but still allow the college to respond to an ever-changing environment. As the plan becomes a living document over the next several years, we will see and experience an institution that builds on our historically strong virtues and has significantly renewed our approach to education, research and, most noticeably, our sense of global responsibility.

First and foremost, we will be a college that radiates a vibrant, intellectually engaging, forward-thinking, culturally and artfully spirited, collaborative and proud community.   We will be held together by shared values and a common vision and be supported by expanded and diverse sources of revenue so that we can continue to sustain and further accentuate academic excellence as we go forward.

Intellectual Rigor
We will be an institution where the academic and intellectual environment in which students learn will be rigorous, stimulating and more diverse.  The needs of our students will be better matched through challenging academic programs with merit and need-based aid that will allow us to compete for the very best students regardless of their financial circumstances.  As a result, our student body will become increasingly diverse in talent and experiences.

Students will be drawn into the work of faculty engaged in scholarship, research and the production of new knowledge at the forefront of their disciplines.  Students will interact with faculty in a variety of settings including courses in emerging areas of inquiry, richer offerings in traditional areas and participation in meaningful research projects including individual and team-orientated research, field studies or in a research-rich context such as intensified learning environments in other countries. For all students, this will mean a broader and more comprehensive teaching-learning environment. 

As one of the leading public institutional citizens in the Central New York area, we will take advantage of the substantial human and other abundant resources of our region to build new and more collaborative ties with neighbors and neighboring institutions to advance the quality of life for all our citizens. Students, faculty and staff will be deeply engaged in community service, democracy-building projects, partnership consortia, enterprises and other significant ways to grow vital communities and economies at the local, regional and state levels.  We will help develop the citizens, leaders and workforce that communities need to improve and enhance their vitality.

World Awareness
Our campus community will reflect the world’s rich diversity and our students will have a deep understanding of themselves and respect for the complex identities of others, their histories and their cultures through a global curriculum and internationalized co-curricular and extracurricular offerings. By building and engaging in a diverse environment, students, faculty and staff will develop a greater understanding of how to more powerfully participate in a complex pluralistic society.


The college will give priority to applying research, scholarship and creative activity to solve real-world problems. Students will examine pressing social and ethical questions of the day and will work in partnership with the world community to define research issues.  Every discipline will have a role to play in finding solutions to global challenges and in creating opportunity. This responsibility requires strength and commitment but also multicultural sophistication and understanding, intellectual agility and a global view. Our community will embrace diverse cultures and also provide the academic courses and engagement activities relevant to demonstrating global responsibility.  Our actions will give new meaning to the construct of world citizenship.

Through our strategic directions of Vitality, Intellectual Rigor, Engagement, World awareness and Solutions, we will be a closely connected community of scholars with lifelong allegiance to the college, learning and humankind, resulting from the synergies of a culture rich in pride, intellectual energy, diversity, curiosity, inquiry, innovation and service. We will be an academic community moving in concert with the needs of the world.