New Employee Onboarding

Welcome to SUNY Oswego!

We are so excited you have made the decision to join us at SUNY Oswego. The following is meant to help you navigate your first few months here.

First Day

Stop by the Parking Office to grab your parking pass

  • Connect with supervisor or point of contact upon arrival

  • Tour office/workspace, where personal belongings can go, kitchen/breakroom, restrooms, supply room, printer/copier, etc.
  • Visit Culkin 503 to receive your employee ID card
  • Click here for a Campus Technology Services checklist (complete what is applicable)
  • Check with supervisor about access to google calendars, department-specific google drives, forms, resources, etc.
  • Familiarize yourself with your office/workspace and set it up how you’d like to
  • Browse helpful information:

                               ~Payroll Schedule
                               ~Union Information
                               ~HR Webpage (policies, procedures, forms, benefits, etc.)

First Few Weeks

Department Orientation:

  • Tour the SUNY Oswego campus and departments/office you may work with frequently
  • Tour your building to locate restrooms, break areas, fire exits & conference and supply rooms
  • Ask for an organizational chart to learn your department’s reporting structure
  • Learn your department’s mission, vision, values, goals, policies, and procedures
  • Find out specific functions of your department
  • Meet your coworkers and the department leadership team

With Your Supervisor:

  • Establish regular one-on-one meetings with your supervisor if they do not already exist
  • Review your job duties, responsibilities, expectations, and goals
  • Discuss the performance standards for your position and establish your performance program (must be completed within the first 30 days)
  • Discuss expectations regarding attendance
  • Discuss how inter-office mail and university mail is handled within your department
  • Learn how to complete Time & Attendance (submitting timesheet, requesting time off, etc.) Guides are available here.

New Hire Paperwork/Benefits Orientation:

  • For UUP and MC Employees- Finish completing all new hire paperwork in Hirezon/Interview Exchange and submit to the HR Office electronically
  • For All Other Employees- Finish completing all new hire paperwork that was emailed to you and bring it to the HR Office as soon as practicable
  • Visit the HR Office (201 Culkin Hall) within your first 3 days of employment and provide your I-9 documentation-*they must be originals, not copies.
  • For CSEA Employees- Review the New Hire Benefits Orientation that was sent in your Welcome Email. 
  • Bring applicable new hire paperwork with you to your orientation (health insurance paperwork, support documentation, I-9 documentation if you haven’t already done so).
  • Faculty and Staff- Submit official transcripts of your highest degree to the HR Office. They may be sent electronically from your institution directly to
  • Sign up for emergency notifications (NY Alert).

Opt out of receiving paper stubs

First 30 Days

Complete Mandatory Compliance Training:

  • You will receive an email from the Compliance Learning platform. Please complete all assigned training courses within 30 days of your start date.

Additional Training:

  • Check with your supervisor to find out if other training is required that pertains to your position.
  • Browse LinkedIn Learning for any additional content that may be beneficial to you.
  • Faculty- Review the CELT trainings/workshops that are offered.

Have you enrolled in your benefits?

Remember your benefits enrollment deadline and procedures! Make your enrollment choices within 30 calendar days from your start date.

  • For UUP and MC Employees: Forms/Information are available in your Hirezon/Interview Exchange electronic onboarding packet.
  • For All Other Employees: Forms/Information should have been emailed to you or given to you at your New Hire Benefits Orientation.

Contact the Office of Human Resources at for any questions!