Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) is responsible for providing campus-wide compliance with federal, state and local environmental, safety and fire regulations. EH&S‘s friendly staff provides guidance, training and support to all campus departments, as needed. As a cohesive unit, they are constantly striving to increase the environmental stewardship and safety awareness of all who thrive within the campus community.

Employee Injury Reporting

The reporting of injuries/illnesses in a timely fashion will serve not only to meet regulatory requirements but to also aid in accident prevention efforts.  All employees are responsible for promoting a safe and healthful work environment. 

To prevent injuries, illnesses and accidents from occurring, unsafe work conditions or unsafe behavior must be reported.  Supervisors should supply the appropriate corrective action for unsafe conditions whenever it is possible, Environmental Health and Safety should be contacted for situations that require special attention. Click on the link to view/complete the Employee Incident Report form.

The new policy will be called, “Reporting a Near Miss Procedure”, the incident reporting policy is governed  by HR as a campus policy and can be found on their website.

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