SUNY Oswego is committed to being a leader in sustainability, improving the environment and developing a deeper awareness of environmental and technological developments.

The Sustainability Office is dedicated to maintaining the campus-wide focus on our continuing efforts to develop students with the intellectual capability, skills and technology to become environmental stewards of the future.

Our office compiles a compendium of each years projects and initiatives to share our successes and experiences with the community. To view our yearbooks feel free to click here, or check out our Sustainability Projects page for more information.

Our Current Projects

Bus Share, Perk Up, Clean Plate Club, BikeShare


cups kept from landfills


metric ton of carbon emissions saved


pounds of food saved in 1 week

Ceseley's sustainability tip much like Paul's is "cutting meat and dairy out of your diet as frequently as possible because that industry has a really horrible environmental impact on our planet."

Theresa Personna, '19: Public Relations Intern

If the distance isn't too far, walk to where you have to go. You'll get sun exposure and you won't waste gas either.

Becky Nesel, '19: Social Media Intern

Use as little plastic as possible like reusable mesh produce bags, cloth shopping bags, reusable cups and straws. It goes a long way.