Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, & Rating System (STARS) 2021

After thoroughly assessing the curriculum, facilities, and operations at SUNY Oswego, a report was submitted on March 5th, 2021. As a result of this effort, SUNY Oswego was awarded a silver rating from the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS).

The submission included all properties which SUNY Oswego owns and is responsible for construction, operation, and maintenance. Leased properties associated with the college are not included in this submission.

To learn more about STARS, please visit their website.

Additionally, SUNY Oswego's STARS report is publicly available online.

REV Campus Challenge 2020

SUNY Oswego has been recognized by NYSERDA for our participation in the REV Campus Challenge as well as our dedication to clean energy and sustainability achievements. We will continue dedicating ourselves to achieve sustainable goals in the future.

ACUPCC signatory member since 2007

On September 15, 2007, President Deborah F. Stanley signed the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) to demonstrate both regional and national sustainability leadership by modeling our campus as an example of ways society can reduce their carbon footprint.

In signing the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment, SUNY Oswego has pledged to becoming climate neutral by the year 2050. 

To learn more about the ACUPCC please visit their website.

Additionally, all SUNY Oswego's ACUPCC reports are publicly available for review online.


Campus Environmental Action Council 

Kate Spector, Chair katherine.spector@oswego.edu 

Sustainability Minor Committee 

Lisa Glidden, Chair lisa.glidden@oswego.edu

Centennial Arboretum Advisory Committee 

Kate Spector, Chair katherine.spector@oswego.edu

Jon Mills, Sustainability Office jon.mills@oswego.edu