What is ChargePoint?

ChargePoint is a world-leading electric vehicle charging network that has over 130,100 public charging locations, including SUNY Oswego.

Where are these charging stations located and how many are there?

They are located in front of the Richard S Shineman building, in parking lot C-8. There are 3 charging stations with 2 pumps on each one (6 car charging capacity).

Do I need a parking pass to charge here?

Since these stations are located on campus, a parking pass is required. For more information or to purchase a permit visit the Parking Services website https://www.oswego.edu/parking/parking-suny-oswego, or contact the Parking Services Office at 315-312-3227.

Do I need an account to get started?

Yes! You can download the ChargePoint app via Apple Store or Google Play and set up a free account. 

How do I start charging once I’m set up?
  • Once your account is set up, there are three ways to start charging: Tap to Charge, Charging from the app, and using a ChargePoint Card.
How do each of those options work?
  • Tap to Charge - on the app, you can hold your phone over the charging station reader symbol (note your phone must have NFC support for this option)
  • Start charging from the app - you can choose the station on your phone and hit the “Start Charge” button
  • Use your ChargePoint Card (it must be activated beforehand) on the card reader symbol on the station.
How can I obtain a ChargePoint card?

You can sign up to get a ChargePoint card for free online or on the app. After signing up your card will arrive in approximately 7-10 business days. Once it arrives, you can activate the card in your account (MyAccount → Manage ChargePoint Cards), and enter in the serial number displayed on the card.

How do I pay for charging?

When you sign up, you can input any payment info of your choice (public stations have a fee) but if it is your first charge then ChargePoint will charge you $10 to keep as a balance on your account.

How much does it cost to charge?

The first 4 hours of charging are free; then $3 / hour. The maximum charge is $25 for 23 hours.

How long does charging take?

On average, a typical electric car with a 60kWh (kilowatt-hour) battery will take roughly 8 hours to charge from empty to full. Results will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, so please refer to your car’s manual for specific information regarding charging.

What if I have issues at the station?

If any issues arise, please contact Facilities Services (315-312-3200), or put in an iService maintenance request at https://www.oswego.edu/facilities-services/service-requests

Are there any other charging stations in the City of Oswego?

For more information, refer to https://www.plugshare.com/ for more charging stations in Oswego and the surrounding areas.