Maple on Tap

Our Maple on Tap Project is one of our newer projects here on campus! Our office has partnered with Auxiliary Services on this project which includes tapping sugar maples on campus, collecting sap, and then an onsite boil of that sap. We then finish the project off by serving fresh maple syrup in the dining hall to our resident students. 


SeedShare is a collaboration between the Office of Sustainability and Penfield Library that gives you the opportunity to grow your own plants and learn to save seeds.  

There is no obligation to save and return seeds, although our hope is that you will grow as a gardener and seed saver and consider sharing your seeds with SeedShare. Visit this website to request seeds now!

SeedShare Website


OzThrift is a program involving an end of semester student donation collection across campus. This collection stocks and supplies the semiannual OzThrift sale creating a circular economy of goods at SUNY Oswego. Email for further questions, or if you're looking to donate anything!


Oz Compost is a partnership between the Office of Sustainability and Auxiliary Services that works to collect all preconsumer waste on campus and divert it from the waste stream by composting. In our first year of composting we diverted nearly 30,000lbs of waste.

20'000lb Celebration Article!

Tap In

Tap In is our initiative to encourage students to utilize our on campus fill up stations with reusable water bottles and ditch single use water bottles! Our tap water in Oswego County is some of the cleanest tap water in the state. Drink local!

For more information on Tap In, email the Office of Sustainability.

Map of Fill Up Stations


Bicycles are lent to students through our BikeShare program to encourage sustainable transportation on campus. Riding bicycles directly contributes to the reduction of our carbon footprint by reducing miles traveled in personal, fossil-fuel-powered vehicles.

For more information on BikeShare or biking at SUNY Oswego, please email

Bus Share

The Bus Share web application makes bus travel in Oswego a whole lot easier. Bus Share finds you the quickest bus routes in the city of Oswego. All you need to do is input where you want to go and where you are leaving from. For more information on Bus Share or bus transportation in the city of Oswego, please email the Office of Sustainability.

Click here to see the app in action.

Try it out now

Perk Up!

To accompany our Tap In program, we have Perk Up! We've extended our partnership with Cupanion to challenge SUNY Oswego students to reduce waste by utilizing reusable cups when drinking coffee.  Over five weeks, more than 400 reusable cups were distributed, and more than 1800 cups were diverted from the SUNY Oswego waste stream.

For more information on Perk Up, please email the Office of Sustainability

Shining Waters

Shining Waters is a partnership between the Office of Sustainability and Community Services that provides students with weekly campus and lakeshore cleanups in an collaborative aspect with other students! 

For more information on Tap In, email the Office of Sustainability.

Leave Your Mark Oswego!

Leave Your Mark Oswego! Is a program on campus to collect used writing utensils, and turn them into something new!PDF icon terracycle.pdf