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The School of Education is involved in numerous professional development school (PDS) initiatives in Oswego and Onondaga Counties. All are designed to promote authentic learning for P-12 students, promote professional growth among preservice and inservice teachers, and use an inquiry approach to address the diverse learning needs of P-12 students. More than a dozen faculty members from the departments of Curriculum & Instruction, Technology, and Counseling & Psychological Services participate in various PDS initiatives. 

Team Sheldon a coalition of the school districts in Oswego County and the School of Education maintains two PDS sites while supporting the development of Professional Development Partnership Schools (PDPSs) in five sites that may eventually become full-fledged PDSs as well. The PDPS model is unique in utilizing college student teacher supervisors as professional development coordinators in the school, supported by funding from the school district and SUNY Oswego (see the PDPS Policies in the School of Education Policy Handbook). These sites host candidates in our Childhood, Adolescence, and Technology Education programs.

Professional development school initiatives are established at several schools in the Syracuse City School District that host candidates in our Adolescence, Childhood, and TESOL programs, including Henninger High School, Huntington K-8 School and Delaware Elementary. The Onondaga Nation School Partnership is a literacy professional development initiative that involves candidates in our Literacy program.