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The initial certificate is the entry-level certificate for classroom teachers, issued in specific subject/grade titles.  To be eligible for initial certification you must:

1.      Successfully complete your specific program,
2.      Successfully complete all required NYSED certification tests,
3.      Have your fingerprints on file,
4.      Complete the teacher certification application process and submit all necessary documents through the TEACH system. 

NYSED has instituted an on-line application process for teacher certification. You will use this form, along with the other forms mentioned below, to help you in the application process. Teachers and school districts will need to use the TEACH system to verify these certificates.

Two important steps:
1.      Once the Registrar's Office has verified the completion of your program, you will receive a copy of SUNY Oswego's Teacher Certification Authorization Form. You must fill this out and return it to SUNY Oswego's Registrar's Office in a timely manner. This authorizes Oswego to report your information to NYSED. Legally, we can't report this information without your permission.
2.      In addition, you will need to apply online for teacher certification to complete the process. You do not need to wait to pass all of your certification tests before applying - you may apply once you are in your final semester.

General information:
You should print the TEACH Application Information Sheet with details about the on-line certification system and use it as a reference when using NYSED's on-line application system.   Please read the instructions PRIOR to applying online.  You can fill in the blanks with information available from the unofficial transcript you will receive with your diploma, as well as the instructions provided with the Application Information Sheet.  Additional information is available from NYSED.

The Award Title and Program Titles/Codes form includes program codes you will need for the application, including concentration titles.

Other information
Can I apply for teaching jobs before I receive my certificate?
Yes, you can apply for jobs before you receive your certificate. All school districts have access to the TEACH website to view your information. You should also access your account yourself and print your status page.

What do I do if my grad school/future employer wants a copy of my certificate?
You can give your graduate school or future employer a copy of your status page. If your future employer or graduate school is in New York State, it can also access your status.

How much do the certification exams cost?
On the right panel of this page, you can find a spreadsheet showing the latest costs as we know them.  Check the official NYSED website for more information:

When should I take the exams for Initial Teacher Certification?
Please note these are general guidelines only. You will take the certification exams when you are adequately prepared.  The Educating All Students test (EAS)  should be taken during your student teaching semester. The CST (revised) should be taken after completion of your methods.  You should prepare the edTPA during your student teaching semester.

How to I register for the edTPA?
Know that you do not need to register for the edTPA until it is complete and uploaded to your edTPA Portfolio in Tk20.  The edTPA Handbook and other materials you will need to develop the edTPA are already in your Tk20 account.  When you are ready to submit your edTPA to Pearson, go to the home page of your edTPA portfolio in Tk20, and download the Tk20 Guide for ed TPA Candidates.  Follow the steps outlined in this booklet to register and transfer your edTPA from Tk20 to Pearson.  Note that you should do this a few days in advance of the submission date you choose.  Submission dates are found at

How to I register for the EAS, CST-revised, and School Leadership examinations?
Go to the official NYSED website for more registration information and dates: