Testimonials by current or previous graduate students:

  • I wanted to further my education in Chemistry.  I hope to use my graduate degree to get a better job in industry then with just a B.S.
  • I'm interested in MS because it takes only 2 years to get this degree, and industry is often interested in hiring MS and not PhD level applicants for starting positions.
  • I'm interested in MS and not PhD. Oswego is one of very few schools nationwide that offers the partial tuition remission plus $13,000 for teaching assistantship. One of the best deals for sure!
  • I will be able to get teaching experience; MS/MAT degree is needed and highly respected in the field of teaching chemistry.
  • By doing research at graduate level, I will be able to get better exposure to instruments available at Oswego, participate in creating high quality data, practice to present at conferences and be able to write papers.
  • Oswego faculty is available for graduate student one one-to-one ratio.
  • I could not decide whether PhD is for me or not right after college. Oswego gave me time and opportunity to see my weaknesses and strengths in research and high level courses. Therefore, I know better now what I want to do after Oswego.
  • I decided to obtain a PhD degree but did not have enough research background and GPA to get into a good school. Oswego is a good opportunity to build research skills in order to be successful in a PhD school. I would like to work in industry and by doing masters I am planning to get a better job with a higher pay.
  • I can improve my English and my research skills greatly by choosing Oswego for master's degree as an international student. And it gave me some time to see if I was able to fit to a Ph.D. program in U.S.A.