Application process

  1. Application materials go to the Graduate Office (Room 602 in Culkin Hall)
  2. Once your folder is complete, the Graduate Office sends your folder to Department of Chemistry
  3. Every graduate faculty examines your application folder and votes to accept or not.
  4. A letter of decision is sent to the Graduate Office from the department.
  5. Graduate Office will examine your folder and inform you about the final decision.
  6. Decisions on assistantships are made by the Department of Chemistry. For fall semester applicants, it will be decided in late April. For spring semester applicants, it will be decided in late November. Every year we have limited number of TA positions, and these will be given to top performing students. Faculty may like to meet with eligible students before offering any assistantships.
  7. There is no application deadline. However, there is a deadline to be considered for teaching assistantships (see #6). Note that incomplete applications will not be forwarded to the department for review. Please inform chemistry graduate coordinator when you send your application materials. See application information.

Application requirements

  1. Application fee, $50
  2. Graduate Application Form (Part I-General)
  3. Official transcripts (sent separately from your application)
  4. Minimum two letters of recommendation with the reference forms
  5. TOEFL (only by International students [must be sent directly by the testing center])
  6. OPTIONAL: Summary of your research, resume, GRE scores, etc.