Each student is assigned an academic advisor who is a member of the faculty. Although the student and the advisor share the responsibility for the student's progress toward the degree, the principal obligation for consulting with the advisor and understanding and fulfilling degree requirements lies with the student. The academic advisor only assists the student in making the decisions which are a part of the student's formal education.

Student organizations

Students exhibit, collaborate and work closely with professors and younger students -- even those of elementary school age -- in a vibrant department abounding with opportunities for interaction. Student groups like Arts Alive!, Break Thru Design and the Student Art Exhibition Committee are among the most active clubs on campus and are all recognized student organizations. Working as individual groups as well as collaborative, events by the groups attract people for across the campus and the community.


The facilities available to students in the School of Communication, Media and the Arts open doors to new and exciting art forms. Students enrolled in programs within the Art Department at SUNY Oswego are given the opportunity to work in real studios and display work in professional galleries. Spaces throughout the department are specialized to support and endorse the advancement and experience of students wishing to succeed.

Degree standards

Measures by Degree Programs reflect accordance to national standards by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), our national accreditation organization.

Competencies to be assessed for the BA degree as determined by NASAD, Tracks I & III-Studio Art/Graphic Design

The curriculum should aim primarily toward breadth of experience and understanding rather than professional specialization. Competencies students are expected to have:

(a) A developed visual sensitivity;


Choosing a degree

Students enrolled in the SUNY Oswego Art Department can elect to major in studio art, graphic design or art history within the bachelor of arts or bachelor of fine arts degree programs.

Students in the BA program pursue multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary study, and can major or minor in a second subject such as arts management, psychology, cognitive science, broadcasting, public relations, communications, advertising and marketing, technology education and information science, to name a few.