Graduate Study in Art, Graphic Design & Digital Media

Contact information:
Juan Perdiguero
Art Program Coordinator
223 Tyler Hall 

Cara Thompson
Graphic Design and Digital Media Program Coordinator
(315) 312-5623
32A Lanigan Hall

Stacey Pope, Program Coordinator
(315) 312-3584
111 Wilber Hall


Master of Arts in Art

MA: Studio Art-Degree Requirements
can be found in the Graduate College Catalog at this link

MA in Studio Art
30 CR

Select courses under advisement with Mentor

Select two graduate-level Art History courses under advisement with Mentor 6 CR
One course in Theory and Practice, Museum Studies or Art History 3 CR

May be in any area of the department or (with approval) outside the department  

All MA students must obtain endorsement from a minimum of 2 instructors in order to continue in the program. This review should take place no later than the 8th week of the second semester

Final Exhibition and Oral Defense
Must present a thesis exhibition during the final semester

This selective program includes several phases of professional competence in the department with the possible inclusion of other disciplines outside the department when necessary. The department offers opportunity to study in a variety of media including Ceramics, Drawing, Design, Illustration, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture. Studies also include specific attention to the latest developments in Art Theory, Criticism and History. Students are expected to work intensively in hands-on experiences conducted in well-equipped studio facilities. Through discussions and critiques, students advance through to their final exhibition. Graduates of the program often go on to become community-college professors, museum professionals, gallery workers and self-employed artists. Graduates have also been accepted in well-known M.F.A. programs.

Our M.A. program allows for focused study in various studio art disciplines. A primary purpose for the program is to help students prepare for professional careers and/or further graduate work in their chosen field after graduation from SUNY Oswego. We provide a significant number of elective courses of breadth and depth that we have tailored to meet the individual student’s interests, talents, career development and potential career options.

Master of Arts, Graphic Design & Digital Media

MA: Graphic Design & Digital Media-Degree Requirements can be found in the Graduate Catalog at this link

The evolution of media has created a vast array of creative opportunities – from solving problems to communicating with consumers. Our program combines the foundational knowledge of form, function and aesthetic while exploring the diverse functions of visual communication. The graphic design and digital media program consists of courses in studio, thesis, history, theory and practice. Candidates choose to focus in a specific medium such as the web, interactive or print, or to focus on a specific production type such as promotional, informational or illustrative. The curriculum is structured into two tracks, offering students with an undergraduate degree in a related area of study the opportunity to develop a specialization, and offering students from outside of the discipline the opportunity for general study within design to complement an undergraduate degree.

The purpose of this program is two-fold:
• To offer students with undergraduate degrees in related areas of study the opportunity to develop a primary/secondary area of specialization through graduate study;
• To offer students from outside the discipline the opportunity for generalist study within the discipline as a means to compliment or contrast their undergraduate studies.

Master of Arts, Teacher Preparation (Art/Design Education)

MA: Art Education-Degree Requirements
can be found in the Graduate College Catalog at this link

The MAT Art program, leading to Initial Teaching Certification in Art All Grades, is a full-time program intended for graduates of Fine Arts programs who are seeking to teach art in public schools at all grade levels. Certification may be obtained at the completion of the sequence in conjunction with a Master’s degree provided that applicants meet all other New York State Certification requirements.

Graduate Course Descriptions can be found in the college catalog online at this link