Art history

Program Coordinator: Benjamin Entner
Office: 231 Tyler Hall
Phone: 315-312-3187

Through the study of art history, students learn the importance of the visual arts in their own lives as well as in past and present cultures. Students thoroughly examine artwork to understand its significance as an expression of any given culture. Since art history is interdisciplinary by nature, students encounter serious studies in areas such as history, literature, philosophy, religion, science and technology. Critical awareness is developed through practicing formal analysis and studying theoretical writings. Assignments are designed to improve research and writing skills.

The Art Department offers a wide range of art history courses dealing with western cultures. Students are advised to take studio and museum courses as well. They are also encouraged to take courses in humanities and social sciences which relate to art history.

Students may pursue a major through the B.A. in Art Track II. This major may be combined with a minor in Museum Studies. A minor in Art History is also offered. Students with majors in anthropology, communication studies, history, or literature might find this minor program a viable compliment to their field of study.


BA Track II-Art History Emphasis– Degree Requirements can be found in the undergraduate college catalog at this link

Offerings in Art History are particularly extensive for a college the size of Oswego. Students take a two semester Survey of Art and may select upper division courses such as Twentieth-Century, Chinese, Japanese, Islamic, Native American, or Museum Studies. Students in Museum Studies and Art History look for careers in institutions and archives.