Course Descriptions

In the studio, the department offers a variety of courses in ceramics, drawing, design and graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. These courses encourage self-expression and the honing of technical skills. Through discussion and critiques, students can measure their progress in both areas. Students in the BFA program can concentrate in either a studio area or in computer graphics. The graphics area prepares graduates for positions in the visual communications industry.


General information

This selective program emphasizing studio art and graphic design is intended to include several phases of professional competence in the department with the possible inclusion of other disciplines outside the department when necessary. The Master's degree requires a minimum of thirty semester hours of which eighteen are in the student's studio areas of interest (major) while the other twelve hours are distributed between art history, theory and practice, and museum studies. Each student, with a faculty mentor, will develop an individual program of study.


Department Chairperson: Cynthia Clabough
Office: 234 Tyler Hall or 32 Lanigan Hall
Phone: 315-312-2111 

The art department offers several minors in the department. Minors can be taken by majors and non-majors. Students in an art major should be sure to work with their advisor to plan ways to incorporate into their graduate plan. Study options include:
• Art
• Art History
• Arts Management
• Expressive Arts Therapy
• Graphic Design
• Illustration

Studio art

Program Coordinator: Juan Perdiguero
Office: 223 Tyler Hall
Phone: 315-312-3240

Degree Offerings:
BFA Studio Art BA Track I
Studio Art
Art Minor

The Art Department offers a variety of hands-on courses in ceramics, drawing, design, illustration, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. 

Digital and Interactive Design

Program Coordinator: Cara Thompson
Office: 32 Lanigan Hall
Phone: 314-312-5623

Students interested in working in emerging digital media and interaction design such as design for apps and web, can choose to do so through number of interdisciplinary approaches at Oswego. In addition to undergraduate studies, students can elect to complete a graduate certificate program in integrated media.

Study possibilities:

BA degree


Students earning an art minor or BA degree are given the choice of studying art history, studio art or graphic design. The BA offers ample opportunity for multiple or interdisciplinary studies in various programs across campus including psychology, cognitive science, communications, advertising/marketing, technology education and information science, among others.

BFA degree

For talented students seeking a demanding program with a high degree of focus, the BFA offers in-depth study of either studio art or graphic design. The BFA is limited to select students chosen through a separate application process. Students seeking admission into our BFA programs need to demonstrate an aptitude for hard work evidenced by a strong well-presented portfolio, exemplary academic performance and solid writing skills.