Choosing a degree

Students enrolled in the SUNY Oswego Art Department can elect to major in studio art, graphic design or art history within the bachelor of arts or bachelor of fine arts degree programs.

Students in the BA program pursue multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary study, and can major or minor in a second subject such as arts management, psychology, cognitive science, broadcasting, public relations, communications, advertising and marketing, technology education and information science, to name a few.

For talented students seeking a demanding program with a high degree of focus, the BFA offers in-depth study of either studio art, illustration, graphic design and interaction design.  The BFA is limited to select students chosen through a separate application process. Students seeking admission into the BFA programs must demonstrate a strong desire to learn and create as evidenced by a strong, well-presented portfolio, exemplary academic performance and solid writing skills.

Students can also choose to pursue advanced study through our master's in art program, involving an intensive, creative work culminating in a master's thesis exhibition. We also collaborate with the School of Education for a master of arts in teaching program for students pursuing a career in art education.

Bachelor of art (BA)

Students earning a BA degree are given the choice of studying art history, studio art, graphic design, or illustration. The BA offers ample opportunity for multiple or interdisciplinary studies in various programs across campus including psychology, cognitive science, communications, advertising/marketing, technology education and information science, among others. Many BA students earn a second degree or minor in a complementary area of interest such as psychology, cognitive science, technology education, advertising/marketing, computer science, communications, broadcasting or information science. BA art students can follow one of three different tracks depending on their chosen concentration:

BA: Track I – Studio Art
BA: Track II – Art History
BA: Track III – Graphic Design
BA: Track IV – Illustration
BA: Track V – Interaction Design

Bachelor of fine arts (BFA)

For those students seeking a demanding program with a high degree of focus and academic effort, the BFA offers in-depth study of either studio art, graphic design, illustration, or interaction design. The BFA is limited to a select group of students chosen through a separate application process. Typical students seeking this program have long-term plans for graduate study in the fine, applied or educational arts or a professional life in the graphic arts. The program is extensive and demanding and access is limited. Admission requires a diverse portfolio, exemplary academic performance and natural talent. BFA art students have four degree options depending on their chosen concentration:

BFA: Studio Art, Track I Fine Art (Concentrations in Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, MAT Art Ed Prep, and Interdisciplinary Studies)
BFA: Studio Art, Track II Illustration
BFA: Graphic Design
BFA: Interaction Design 

Graduate Studies (MA and MAT)

Students can also engage in graduate study at Oswego. Degrees offered and links to program information are as follows:
MA: Studio Art
MA: Graphic Design and Digital Media
MAT: Art Education