Not sure how to progress to become an assistant, apprentice, or head? Followie this Show Assignment Progression worksheet to ensure that you have had the experience necessary to apply for work as a technician in the department. Once you have a sense of what you would like to apply for, fill out the form to the right.


> steps need to happen in order

+ multiple steps to be taken prior to the next progression, in any order

So you want to be a STAGE MANAGER?

Assistant Stage Manager + THT 333 Stage Management > Stage Manager

So you want to be a TECHNICAL DIRECTOR?

Shop Foreman > Assistant Technical Director + THT 323 Advanced Technical Production> Technical Director Honor’s Show > Technical Director Main Stage

So you want to be a COSTUME DESIGNER?

THT 351 Costume Design > Assistant/ Associate Costume Designer AND/OR Costume Designer Honor’s Show > Costume Designer Main Stage

So you want to be a SCENIC DESIGNER?

THT 322 Scenic Design > Assistant/ Associate Scenic Designer AND/OR Scenic Designer Honor’s Show > Scenic Designer Main Stage

So you want to be a LIGHTING DESIGNER?

Board Op/ Programmer > Master Electrician + THT 310 Lighting Design> Assistant/ Associate Lighting Designer AND/OR Lighting Designer Honors Show > Lighting Designer Main Stage

So you want to be a SOUND DESIGNER?

A1> A2 (musical only) + THT 312 Sound Design > Assistant/ Associate Sound Designer AND/OR Sound Designer Honor’s Show > Sound Designer Main Stage


Q: I’m confused…

A: Talk to your advisor. They can help you figure out the steps you need to take and who to talk to in order to get the position you desire.

Q: I’m a transfer. Can I still do this?

A: Talk to your advisor. We will look at your previous experience and come up with a plan together. We can also connect you with the appropriate faculty/ staff in the department.