Student Theatre Proposal

The purpose of student theatre is to simulate a low budget directing experience in a small rented theatre, and is meant to bridge the technical gap between the directing one acts and a full production value directing experience.

Proposed Guidelines for directors:

A) Directors will have successfully completed the first directing class (receiving no less than a B-) before the completed performance opens.

B) Directors will be in good academic standing and have a theatre GPA of no less than a 3.0


Article I: Name

The name of the organization shall be Blackfriars Theatre Organization at State University of N.Y. college of Oswego, here after referred to as B.T.O.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be:

A. To provide opportunities for the college community to experience all aspects of theatre.
B. To cultivate a general interest in theatre.

Article III: Membership

Rental Information

Facility Rental Fee:

Theatre with support - $250 per day+ staff $
Theatre with work lights - $50 per day + staff $ (if necessary)
Rehearsal schedules at weekly rates can be negotiated.

Lab theatre with support - $100 per day+ staff $
Lab Theatre with work lights $50 per day+ staff $ (if necessary)
Rehearsal schedules at weekly rates can be negotiated.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Contact Theatre Venue Coordinator for availability:
- folding, castered Wenger acoustical panels
- folding SICO platform units in a variety of sizes and heights
- four-wheel dollies and hand trucks
- 50 lb. boom bases and pipe
- 16 6' X2' X2' dance towers (can be stacked to provide 8 12' towers)
- A-frame and other ladders
- Genie Personnel lift
- Video equipment
- Macintosh and MS-DOS Computers and Laser Printer
- Hewlett Packard Designjet 800PS Printer/Plotter
- FAX machine (315 312 5642)

Fly Schedule

1. Pipe assignments change with each production. Contact Technical Director to confirm availability of needed lines.
2. Pipe Capacity is 18 pounds per linear foot.
3. Point Load Between Picks max of 400#.
4. Point load at end is 170#.
5. Stock weights are 12.5# and 25#.
6. Empty pipe weight is 175#.