Students will have the opportunity to deepen their academic experience in theatre through research, analysis, script development, theatre history, and dramaturgy. Students may contribute to departmental productions as dramaturgs, help develop new plays, and write contextual material, to engage in the many practical, applicable opportunities available for any detail-minded student.

Learning Outcomes

  • To define and identify major movements in world theatre, including theory, history and dramatic canon.

  • To generate a deep knowledge base of how dramatic movements have developed from each other.

  • To analyze and classify the processes of dramatic criticism, including the ability to effectively critique live theatrical performances.

  • To define a practical and personal understanding of the dramaturg's role, both in production and as part of a company structure.

  • To apply theoretical concepts and knowledge of dramatic history.

  • To collaborate as a member of a production team, both amongst other dramaturgs and with the broader company, in order to meet a unified goal and to provide needed support.

Life after Dramaturgy, Theatre History, and Criticism at SUNY Oswego

Students may look to careers as academic, historians, and other pursuits of graduate education.  In the practical theatre, a knowledge of theatre history may lead to the following careers:

  • Production Dramaturgy
  • Literary Management
  • New Play Development
  • Playwright
  • Theatre Critic
  • Script supervision
  • Editorial
  • Artistic Producing
  • Directing 

Production Dramaturgy Applications

Students interested in serving as a dramaturg on a future SUNY Oswego Theatre production in semesters where THT334 is not offered are encouraged to fill out this form to be considered for the position. Students will require a professional-style cover page and resume, and may be asked to attend an interview to gauge their suitability. Please note that application to a position does not necessarily guarantee selection, and this is set at the discretion of faculty.

Core Faculty

Assistant Professor Toby Malone: Dramaturgy, Theatre History, Criticism

The SUNY Oswego Dramaturgy Hub Initiative

The Dramaturgy Hub is an innovation introduced at SUNY Oswego in the Fall of 2017 by Dr. Toby Malone, which replaces the traditional 'dramaturgy binder' for a more flexible, adaptable dramaturgy experience for directors, designers, and actors. These context-centric websites are designed to act as a companion piece to an in-process theatrical production, first to offer research materials to the director, designers, and actors in rehearsal, and later as a valuable marketing and archival tool.

For more information on Theatre History, Criticism, and Dramaturgy, please contact Dr. Toby Malone.

SUNY Oswego Theatre is a proud Institutional Member of LMDA: The Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas, and KCACTF Region 2: the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival