Code of conduct

As members of the SUNY Oswego Theatre Department, it is expected that students:

  • place the highest priority on success in all your classes;
  • fulfill all necessary work required for your degree and actively participate in the program's many aspects;
  • be consistent in your commitment to classes, rehearsals and calls by arriving prepared and ready to work at the designated start time;
  • respect the work and abilities of others. A class, a production team, a cast and a crew work closely and often intensely in the pressure situation of a creative project. There is no excuse for rudeness or intolerant behavior. Cultivate grace under pressure.
  • respect the spaces in which you work. Remember food and drink are not allowed in any of the performance spaces. The Green Room is available to students while the building is open and kept neat and orderly.  Green Room furniture cannot be taken out of the room or used for class scene work.
  • encourage attitudes that recognize each person's contributions to the success of a production; remember that some members of the company may be doing their job for the first time.
  • show respect for peer authority and understand the responsibilities you have when placed in a leadership position.

Student Code of Conduct (pdf)

Student Contract 2016/17 (google form)

Drafted SP'13 by faculty and staff members of the Oswego State Theatre Department.  Questions and concerns regarding the above statements and their enforcement should be directed to the Theatre Department Chair, Dr. Jennifer Knapp- 601 Culkin Hall  - 315.312.6612-