Science in action

Presenting profiles of students' research conducted at Rice Creek Field Station. From field work to laboratories, there are a variety of opportunities for SUNY Oswego students to pursue their own science projects.

Kimberly Smith

Tells us about her study at SUNY Oswego...The effect atmospheric composition has on the weathering of the Martian surface near the Martian Polar Cap regions (November 2015 to May 2018).  Read more>

Rebecca Gill 


Tells us about her study at SUNY Oswego... Evidence of periodontal disease in skulls of carnivorans and rodents (Spring 2016 for the Rice Creek component).  Read more>

Heather Eldridge

Tells us about her study at SUNY Oswego...A comparison of individual behavioral responses on mice and shrews based on population density (April to October 2015).  Read more>

Brian Springall

Tells us about his study at SUNY Oswego...Effects of noise pollution on predator avoidance behavior in Anurans (July 2015 to May 2016).   Read more>

Jaclyn Lovell

Tells us about her study at SUNY Oswego ... The host-parasite
relationships of freshwater snails and their trematode parasites, (May to August 2015).   Read more>