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Many faculty on campus have taught and led programs to destinations all over the world. If you are interested in possibly leading a course, click below to start the program proposal process.

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Faculty International Travel Grants and Curriculum Internationalization Awards

To all faculty,

Please see the announcements below for annual grants and awards focused on faculty international travel, education abroad program development, and curricular internationalization:

Faculty International Travel Grants

Curriculum Internationalization Awards

Applications for the spring / summer round are due March 30, 2020. Thank you. 

Below please find the Travel Grant Payment Form. To receive your grant fill in the enclosed Travel Grant Payment Form and return it to the OIEP after you have completed your travel. You must include with the form (1) copies of receipts for lodging, transportation, and meals; and (2) evidence of conference presentation, exhibition, performance, lecture, etc; or (3) a brief report of activities, if you were awarded a grant to develop a course with an overseas academic component or do research, or bring international themes into the curriculum.

Your grant check will be ready to be picked up in the OIEP within approximately two weeks of the submission of the payment form and documentation. If you have any questions about the amount of your grant or what you are required to do to receive it, please do not hesitate to contact me  via phone (315.312.2118) or e-mail.(joshua.mckeown@oswego.edu).

Faculty advising students

Thank you for taking the time to advise and inform prospective study abroad students about the courses they will receive credit for while abroad. Your advisee should provide you with course descriptions and an Overseas Course Approval Form.  Details regarding course offerings are listed under the Courses section on each program brochure.