Diversity and Identity Abroad

At SUNY Oswego Education Abroad, we are committed to helping all students access international education. We want to be sure that every student will have the tools to succeed both academically and personally during their program. This page is designed to help students navigate their own identities and learn more about how to prepare for their time abroad with identity in mind.

While there are many great resources listed below, do not hesitate to reach out to our office and/or your program coordinator if you wish to speak further about any concerns or questions you may have. We are here for you!

I, Too, Am Study Abroad Presentation Recordings Available On-Demand

  • Student Identities Overseas: This panel features six study abroad alumni who discuss their personal experiences abroad and how they shaped who they are today. Discussions topics will include: challenges the panelists faced abroad and how they overcame them, how the panelists' experiences abroad were impacted by their individual identities, advice for prospective study abroad students of underrepresented background, and highlights of the panelists' experiences abroad and how they impacted who they are today.

Study Abroad as a First Generation College Student

First-Generation Resources

A first-generation student is usually the first student in their family to study abroad or to go to college. Being new to these experiences, you and your family or support system may have many questions and concerns about study abroad.  

Religion and Spirituality Resources